Windshield Repair
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Windshield Crack Repair up to 18”

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A+ Crack Masters Windshield Repair in Boise, Idaho
Windshield Crack Repair up to 18-Inches Long

A+ Crack Masters repairs windshield glass and windshield cracks up to 18-inches long at a fraction of the cost and time of a replacement. You should repair windshield chips and cracks to prevent a replacement and for safety reasons.

A+ Crack Masters utilizes the Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Process which passes the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard as a new windshield. The Ultra Bond patented process is used world-wide. Ultra Bond meets and exceeds all requirements of The United States Windshield Repair Guidelines.

Windshield Crack Repair Grand Junction Windshield Crack Repair Grand Junction



Consumer Note: What You Should Know About Replacing Your Windshield
No vehicle manufacturer would install the windshield your insurance company puts in your vehicle. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshields cost two to three times more than the aftermarket or Auto Replacement Glass (ARG) your insurance company puts in your vehicle. Aftermarket windshields: crack and fracture easier; have less Solar Control Properties so your vehicle will heat-up on the inside more when parked in the sun and cause more air conditioning use when driving which cost you in gas mileage; are known to have poor optical properties which can cause fatigue (fall asleep while driving) and headaches and: have reduced or no acoustic properties so you will hear more road, wind and tire noise. Save your OEM windshield by getting windshield repair ASAP.

Call A+ Crack Masters for an appointment to repair your windshield at (480) 352-3733. Our mobile unit comes directly to you!